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Sunday, December 16, 2012

More Trees

Hi everyone - how is your day?
We are having one of those lazy days
as it is quite
cloudy, and drizzly here....
When I showed you our fireplace mantle decor
I told you how
I had fallen in love with those little trees
had gone crazy making them this year.
So, I thought today I would show you
a few more.
The ones I am going to show you today
set on top of our bookcase
along with a Santa from my collection
some red Christmas balls.
The "Tis the Season'
was a gift from my son this year-
he got it at Hobby Lobby....
This little tree is made from a dictionary
sits on a book page column.
I love printed pages
script on anything.
So, a book page tree was a must.
The little tree in the
front of Santa
is made from scrapbook paper
then wrapped with some gold cording.
I had a little gold  snowflake
that I glued to the top of it.
Then I set it on another
book page column.
I thought I would show you how to make the
dictionary page tree in this post.
It is quite simple to do...
To start the trees
( make the bases you can find the tutorial here )
For this tree you will want to cut out a lot
of 2"x3" squares
from a dictionary.
It needs to be a dictionary page
as they are much thinner and will curl.
Then cut thin little slits in the squares
leaving about 1/2" solid.
Taking these little squares one at a time
using the blade side of a pair of scissors
very carefully
curl the paper
like you do curling ribbon.
Be gentle as the little strips can (and will) tear off.
They will look like this when you are done.
Then start gluing the little squares on the cone
with the "fringe"
facing the bottom of the cone.
You may need to overlap them just a tad
to make sure all your poster board
is covered up.
Continue to glue the squares in this manner
all the way up.
For the top of the tree
I cut a little square about 1"x1"
and glued it over the top tip
of the tree.
Then I glued the squares around that.
Now you may have to cut
your squares in smaller squares to get them
to fit around the
very top of the tree.
And this is what it looks like when you are done.
I love it...
so "frilly"
Another addition to our
tree collection......
And it's perfect for the
top of our book case......
Stay tuned
because I have tutorials for a few more.....
Lovin' my life in Carolina
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  1. I love these trees Cathy. Especially the dictionary one. I may be able to do it. The one you made with the button eyes looks like it would take forever to glue and I have no patience. But they do look fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much - the dictionary one is simple but, the one with the button hole loops is simpler. It really doesn't take long to glue it on. I think that's why I fell in love with them because they are so simple and really do go fast.

  2. Cathy I love the dictionary tree and the trunk of it but how did you make the trunk part?? You sure make it look so easy...You should put this on youtube!! Your creativity is amazing!! Love Theresa

  3. Theresa - sorry I failed to tell that the trunks are actually book page columns I posted way back here is the link...;postID=8208306908518568150
    If you go to this link it shows you how to make them.. Thank you for your sweet comments -