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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Progress .....

     Hi there - Grab your coffee

pull up a chair and let's chat for a while.
And my, it has been a while hasn't it.....
I apologize for the time lapse but, I have been a little under the weather.
After two visits to the primary physician,
two visits to the ER,
lab work,
Cat Scan,
etc., etc., etc....
They could not find out what was wrong.....
so, I am going to the chiropractor and doing much, much better now.
I can say I am back among the living, lol....
Enough said. Let's move on...

Remember.....these pics????

The Garage.
This how I left you - what a mess it was
this was after a day of Papa and I sorting and cleaning out....

Well, Papa and Dad decided to get help me get some organization
going in this mess. 

So, one afternoon they put their heads (and their creativeness) together
and started building shelves and such
to make this a much neater and friendlier place.

As you can see, Dad is the muscle and Papa is the supervisor....

So between the two of them we now have
an organized work bench
How cool is this for them.

Organized shelves.
And with my help everything is now in totes and bins

And most of important of all.....
A painting/work station for me.

I now have a place to do all my painting and messy crafts
where I don't have to worry about putting everything away
at the end of the day,
or making the rest of the house look messy,
or someone accidentally messing a project up.
I am thrilled.
I can work at a leisurely pace and not worry about being in anyone's way.

I have already put it to good use.
(to be seen in a future post)

we can now find all those things that are stored away that we are
not using presently.
With everything labeled it is so easy to go to the exact bin and find it.
How cool is that?
I am so loving this new space.

And, there is still room to park a car if we fold up the table that is the painting station.
This is a win/win place now.
I am lovin' it.....

So, what have you been up to lately?

                                                 Lovin' my life in Carolina


  1. I am so jealous.... organization in the garage! lots of Labeled bins! a clean comfortable area to work in, that's not in the main runway of the house! Magnificent!
    You have got to be one happy woman! I have lots of muscle around here, going to waste..., and not really caring about those extra work areas! HRUMPH!
    Cora has been here since Sunday morning; Mom n'Dad are in Florida attending/ being in(??) a wedding. They come home tomorrow! Yay!
    And, Tonight is Caleb's graduation! I have been waiting a long time for this day. That's what's happening here <3

  2. Hard to believe Caleb is graduating already. My how these kids are growing - so fast. Seems like yesterday they were all toddlers. If you check my FB page there is a picture of Miss C attending her 8th grade dance. Next year High School for her. This cannot be true....
    Lovin' my work space - out there everyday working on a project - it is so cool....