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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hi there... grab a cup of coffee and a seat and let's have a chat.......

I have been so busy packing and getting ready to move
that I have ignored these little chats
we have....
Please accept my apology.

Today I have a few pictures for you to see...
Our house we will be living in...

Of course, this is the front.
It's located in a gated golf-course community.
But then, a lot of houses around here are
because this is a large community
of golf courses...
The house backs up on a wooded area that
used to be another golf course but,
due to the economy has closed.
The house belonged to an elderly lady and her daughter owns it.
The pictures were taken the day we looked at it so
a lot of her mother's stuff is still in them.
She gave us a lot of stuff and sold us some
because she didn't want to move it.
Can't blame her - it would be undaunting
to try to find homes for all her stuff.

Now, for the house tour
beware some of these pics are not for the faint of heart...

This is the living room - very long and large.
The fireplace is gas.
That's Papa and Ms. Z with me.
Those two chairs, table and lamp are now ours.

The opposite end of the living room.
The archway door is the access to the loft area above the garage.
The door to the right is the hallway to the bedrooms.

This is the dining room with
sliding glass doors out to the patio.
The back yard is small-
three swipes with the lawn mower and it's done
but, the HOA mows the front and side yards and
our landlord pays for the back to be mowed
and the weeds to pulled in the flower beds.
Wallah - no yard maintenance,
yeah us.....

The kitchen - don't look too closely at the wall paper...
but, it's the mildest wallpaper in the house, lol....

T and Z room

Miss A's room
the TV stand is now ours....

The main bathroom - are
you diggin' the wallpaper??

The master bedroom with a pepto bismal pink paint that
now looks like this

a beautiful grey blue
it's called Seashore Fog
Looove it....

Master bedroom closet
Can I say HUGE....
I mean really huge....

OK now prepare your self for the next room

Master bedroom bathroom.
I took a double take the first time I saw this
All I could think of was
staring at this first thing in the mornings....
before coffee, even...

This is the loft above the garage....
It is a huge room also...
(Sorry about the fuzzy pic)

Anyway we are excited about being in a house again.
I have so many projects planned.
We have been picking stuff up at thrift shops and
I am going to be redoing and repurposing over
the next few weeks.
Then I have lots of sewing projects planned also.
So stay tuned to see
what we turn out.
I will post the before and afters for ya
I always love to look at those.

Well, the big day is this coming Wednesday
and we will be out of this ole condo.
And in 10 days big Mr. C. is coming to visit.
Can hardly wait to see him
He's got a big birthday coming up in a couple of months
Hard to believe he will be that old....
Can't wait for him to get here.

Gotta go - hope you enjoyed the tour. 
What do you think of our wall paper-

I may get bogged down with the move but will try to
definitely post sooner than
the last time....

Have a great afternoon....

                                                                       Lovin life in Carolina


  1. House looks great. Looks like the first one Amy had from the outside. Can't quite figure out the layout from the pics, but it has a ton of potential. You are gonna have so much fun again!

    1. It will be mostly redoing and repurposing the furniture and decor. The walls, etc. are untouchable at this time as we are renting but, hopefully she will get more comfortable with us and let us do some other changes - especially the wall paper, lol...

  2. Good luck with your move sista dear. I am looking forward to your makeover pics. I know you will make it shine :)

  3. After today must say it may be a while - lol. I am getting way to old to keep moving around. Can't wait to be able to start posting after pics....

  4. Have fun and enjoy your new place!!!

  5. Can honestly say we are all excited about moving into this house. Hope it is as great as we think it will be at this time.

  6. Wow! Those are really big rooms in that house..., or do they just look that way because there isn't any furniture? And, YEAH! You and Rog get the Master bedroom?!? Don't worry about the wallpaper in the morning, if your like me, you'll be to groggy to notice!..., and if your not like me, you might not need the coffee after that eye-opener! lololol!
    I hope you keep posting pics like this as you move in, make curtains, and all your decorating adventures! =)

  7. Sorry I am so long responding to this comment. Still getting used to the blog. I do hope to start having more regular posts with the projects I do around the house. My list is long and intensive - hope I can hold up to it all, lol.... But, it is going to be a lot of fun. I am so excited to get started.