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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Using Scarves in Your Decor

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Last year I fell in love with and bought several of the trendy blanket scarves that were out.  So this year when I was going through some things and came across them again I had a "duh moment".  Why not use these to decorate with. They're large, colorful, have lots of texture and give a feeling of coziness.  And so, I began to try them in different ways and this how I decided to use them in my fall decor.

           Using Scarves in Your Decor

Vintage, Paint and more... using a blanket scarf as a tablecloth in your fall decor

The first one I did was a large black and white plaid scarf I thought would look great on our dining room table.  Perfect for a pretty fall tablecloth.  By placing it diagonally it gives it more interest and shows some of our pretty new table.  You may remember my spring/summer table where I shared how to recycle an old market basket into a new "vintage" basket for a centerpiece.

Vintage, Paint and more... spring centerpiece made with upcycled market basket and faux hydrangeas on a vintage crochet doily

To transition to fall I simply removed the white flowers from the arrangement and just added a few fall flowers and leaves.

Vintage, Paint and more... using a plaid blanket scarf with an upcycled market basket and faux hydrangeas and fall flowers as a dining room tablescape

This gives it that bit of fall touch to finish out a quick and easy transition in our dining room decor.

Vintage, Paint and more... using a plaid scarf as a pillow cover for fall decor

The next thing I tried with a scarf was to cover a pillow with one.  I actually just placed the pillow on the scarf diagonally and tied the corners in the back.  This is a quick, easy, no-sew fix for new pillows and adds so much texture to the area.

Vintage, Paint and more... using a plaid blanket scarf as a fall throw on your sofa

For the last way, I simply took one of the larger scarves and placed it on the sofa as a throw.  This one is so soft and warm.  It's definitely a great one to snuggle up in on a cool fall day.

Vintage, Paint and more... blanket scarves used as a pillow cover and a sofa throw on a vintage sofa scape with Parisian print pillows and gather pillow

Here's a look at our living room sofa with the scarves.  I love how they add texture, color and a sense of cozy warmth (even though it's still warm here it will be getting chilly soon). 

Vintage, Paint and more... how to use scarves from your wardrobe to decorate your home with texture and make it a cozier retreat

I love decorating our home with unexpected things and being able to use these items in new ways.  What do you think - maybe you have a couple of old (or new) scarves not being used that can make a big difference in your decor.  Love to hear from you so tell me about it in the comments below.

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