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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Creative Storage Solutions

Vintage, Paint and more... DIY decorative storage, decorative boxes, box storage

After recently moving Miss A's room to the loft 
that had contained 
the Craft Room; it became necessary to find storage space
for all those craft items.

Vintage, Paint and more... craft room, creative spaces, chalk painted furniture, tin can storage

Finding a new home was a bit of a challenge 
I was able to incorporate it all into our bedroom 
in a way that blends in with our decor
makes our bedroom have a duo function - 
bedroom and office/craft room.
Living in a multigenerational family sometimes finds us having
to double rooms functions
making sure we buy multipurpose furniture.
It also requires us to come up with some 
pretty creative storage 
organizational solutions for all our junk stuff.

Vintage, Paint and more... decorative storage boxes, paper covered boxes as storage, pretty covered boxes for storage

We have had this set of ladder shelves for a very long time
they have been  used in almost every room of our home 
at one time or another.
We have a small wall in our bedroom that this unit fit on perfectly
so, I decided to use them.
You may remember my recent project of making pretty covered boxes 
to fit in our Pie Safe in our bedroom.
It was really my first project in redoing our room
as you can see has already been repurposed....

Vintage, Paint and more... vintage cabinet used as storage, vintage cabinet painted white, decorative box storage

I had to use this cabinet for some less attractive items 
it will soon be receiving something to obscure the view of those items.

Vintage, Paint and more... decorative boxes, paper covered  boxes, diy decorative boxes, storage boxes from recycled boxes

I took the boxes in the pie safe, added a few more 
placed them on the book shelves along with a few decorative items.
Now the boxes contain all those necessary crafting items
blend in with the decor without anyone knowing the better.
(except you, of course)

Vintage, Paint and more... decorative shelf storage, paper covered boxes used as decorative storage, recycled boxes for storage

I also brought my Hat Boxes and cheese boxes in to add more storage.
They also add  that vintage feel that I love to the room.

Vintage, Paint and more... decorative hat boxes, painted hat boxes, vintage hat boxes, vintage cheese boxes

And, remember that multi drawer cabinet that is now my nightstand.....
Vintage, Paint andmore... vintage cabinet used as night stand, diy chalk painted cabinet,

Well, it holds a multitude of crafting items.
All hidden away but, quite convenient.
I am loving our new room decor 
the fact that I was able to incorporate all 
of my supplies so decoratively
makes me a very happy camper.

I still have a few projects left to do before I show you 
the whole room
it is coming along nicely.

How have you incorporated storage into your decor?  
Tell us about it in the comments below.
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Until next time, create something you love.....

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  1. This storage looks so pretty! Such great ways to hide and organize all your stuff.
    Corey @

  2. These are so cute! I am needing to get my office space organized - might have to try something like this!

  3. Love it! The colors are my favorite part. Can't wait till I have a "forever" home and can really decorate & make it homey. Right now the military is our life and decorating/making anything pretty is not worth it. You did a great job!

  4. It looks great! Organizing my craft cave is very high on my to do list.

  5. What surface in the room so you do your crafting upon?

  6. I like all the turquoise tying to together.

  7. That's what I'm doing also... cleaning and making decorative places to store things... thanks for MORE inspiration. Linda

  8. Love your storage! Great inspiration. I am always looking for ways to organize my craft room. Yours looks wonderful! Enjoy your weekend! Maria

  9. You have so many clever storage solutions!