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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tweak It Tuesday - Bracelet Organizer

Good Morning everyone....
It's Tweak It Tuesday.

Tweak It Tuesday - DIY bracelet organizer

Today I am bringing back a great little organization project 
that has been quite popular on Pinterest.
I love to wear bracelets and I have quite a few of them
I was always forgetting to put them on.
I would realize after I had left the house that I hadn't added my favorite
accessory to my outfit and be so upset with myself.
But, in my defense I am a very visual person 
they were hidden in a jewelry box - out of sight, out of mind for me.
I had to come up with some kind of  storage that was easily 
accessible and pleasing to the eye so I could remember to use them.
I mean why have them if you keep them in a jewelry box.
I had seen several ways of organizing jewelry that just didn't work for me.
But, one day I saw something I knew would work on Pinterest.
(I didn't pin it then (in 2012) therefore I can't give credit
but if it is yours please let me know)

Tweak It Tuesday - organizer for bracelets

Remember these old 1960's coffee mug trees?
Everyone had one sitting next to their coffee pots.
I know I had one back then.  
But, it has long been gone.

It took me a while to find another one - they must still be popular.
One day when out thrifting I ran across this one
in a thrift store for $3.
I was sold immediately because a new one with only 4 arms was $10 
finding one in a thrift store was not happening.
So, I grabbed that baby fast.
You would have thought I had found gold....
I do not have a before picture but, it was brown wood and ugly.
I painted it with Valspar's Anthem White latex paint.
(This was before I discovered chalk paint)
That was all that was needed for this little update.

Tweak It Tuesday - bracelet organization, organization, organizer for bracelets, DIY bracelet organizer

Then I hung all those fun bangles (grouping them by color) from the six arms
set it on my bathroom counter.
Right where I can see them.
 They are so handy when I am getting ready to go out.
I love it because now I remember to put them on
they make a colorful addition to my bathroom counter.
Such a simple and easy solution to a problem 
that was driving me crazy.
Why did I not figure it out sooner?

What have you done about a problem that is plaguing you?
I love to read your comments so, please tell us about below.

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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  1. What a great way to re-purpose something! I never even thought of that. Scrambling now to find something like this. I never know how or where to store my bracelets. Problem solved! Thanks!

  2. That is such a cool idea. Bracelets stored in the drawer can get quite messy. This will make it so much more organized :)

  3. This is an excellent idea. Right now I'm using one of those milk glass skinny vases for my bracelets, but it's not really tall enough. I'll have to look for one of these whenever I'm thrifting now. :)