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Friday, February 7, 2014

Kitchen Communication Center

Written by: Cathy Carroll  

We are a family of five with many interests and many directions
we move in each day.
That has caused us some very chaotic and confusing times lately;
I decided it was time to do something about organizing our schedules.
The Communication Center 
was born.
Kitchen Communication Center - black chalkboard painted wall containing calendar and clipboards for family communication

I really don't know what took me so long to put this together.
It has been in the planning stages for quite some time.
And, we definitely could have used it way before now.
Too many times we have had scheduling conflicts 
could have been avoided with just a simple bit of communication.

view of completed wall

We only have one wall in our kitchen that would work for this.
So, I began by painting the wall with black chalkboard paint.
I actually think that was the holdup.
Getting the nerve to paint this wall as we rent
I was a little fearful that it might be a little out there.
But, I am so glad I did it  - it looks absolutely awesome.

close up of dry erase calendar

Then I divided the wall into three components.
The top is a magnetic dry erase board that I drew a permanent calendar form on.
This way we can change the months 
place all our important dates and appointments on it.
I bought some different colored dry erase pens to use for different functions.
I also have a couple of magnets to hold separate notes that come in.
These are made from those advertising refrigerator magnets everyone has.
I covered them with drop cloth fabric 
and then embellished them with ribbon and buttons.
Then I just wrote the word "Notes" with a black sharpie pen.
I also have a magnetic pen holder on it that was 
embellished with ribbon and buttons.
Then there is a small magnetic notepad that I use to write needed groceries
as we run out.

close up of stenciled clipboards

The second part is made up of  three clipboards I covered with drop cloth fabric and stenciled.
I will be showing you how to do these later this week.
A very simple project that has a big impact on this wall.
Above each I wrote in chalk what was on that clipboard.
I divided it amongst the areas we get the most papers from
school, church and phone numbers.

close up of card/note holder

You can see the middle clip board has a special business card/note holder on it.
This is made from an old paper back book.
I will be giving a complete tutorial on it later this week also.
I love this idea so much I made two.
I placed the second one on my desk to hold notes and cards.
It is so handy and so easy to do.
Plus, it fills a big need at our house - where to put all those 
business cards, coupons, stray phone numbers and bits of paper that come in
that can't be thrown away.

close up of chalk board part of wall

The bottom third is just a chalkboard for us to write messages 
for the kids to draw and play on.
Let me tell you it was hard to hold them back while the paint cured.

view of completed wall

I love it.
It has already helped us get a few things organized that were otherwise 
over looked and lost.
I honestly don't know why I put it off for so long 
it looks great and it is so functional.
And, did I mention
I. Love. It.....

What do you do to keep your family organized 
Leave a comment - they really  make my day....

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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  6. My kitchen could use on of these. Very cute and I love that it can be customized to each family and what sort of departments need to be organized. I need to put one in my office, too. Especially that business card holder. Very cute! Chrystal @ YUMeating

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  8. I raised 5 kids and was never as organized as this - and its beautiful besides! I love it.

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