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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Twine Wrapped Box

Good day friends,
Today I am still working on storage
the craft room....
Will I ever get this finished???
Probably not...
I am always looking for cute, unique, pretty, vintage ways
to make more storage
for all the crap stuff
I have accumulated over the years for my

I saw these really cute twine boxes at the store
but, really
the price they are asking for them is crazy
what's a girl to do?
Make her own, of course,
so I did.....

I am loving it....
It turned out so darn cute and holds a lot of stuff....

This was a very simple project
(almost all of mine are - I craft with grandchildren most the time).

I forgot to take a picture of the box before I started...
how inefficient was that?
Anyway, you can see it was an old fabric covered box
we had lying around here
that had become a little dingy and not pretty anymore.
So, I decided to use it for my new idea...

And here are the instructions....

You will need;

an old box
hot glue gun
glue sticks
(I used a ball of hemp that I bought at Wal-Mart
in the jewelry department for $5 - but it goes a long way...)

OK not too many supplies needed but this is
time consuming.
I usually work while watching my
recorded shows on TV.

I started by putting the lid on the box and drawing a line
with the pencil ...
this was my starting line...
(The lid will not fit on the box if the twine is in the way)
Then I put a line of glue down and began gluing the hemp
around the box.
I left a small tail at the beginning that I folded down
glued the hemp over with each additional row
to make sure it did not come undone or show....

You can see that here....
The process is easy now but does take time.
I used the toothpick to sometimes push the hemp rows
closer together as I glued them...
(remember, this is hot glue and it burns...)

I found it was easier to work on the desk and turn the box
to each side as I was gluing - for some reason it gave
me more leverage than sitting
the box on its bottom....
Now, you just keep wrapping and gluing,
wrapping and gluing,
wrapping and gluing....
The top is done the same way

Begin by gluing the hemp on the very edge of the top
so no white will show....

Then I went around the edges the same as I did on the box ...

Then I moved to the very top of the box
and went
this is the design that it made...
It really looks kinda neat
I love it a lot...

                                               I embellished mine with a strip of burlap
I had cut and frayed
a small crochet flower and old button I had.
I love it...
It is so darn cute....

I have fallen in love with these twine wrapped pieces
have been wrapping everything in site...
You will probably see more pieces appear at a later date.
The wrapping is actually a great destressor
I actually enjoy doing it...

So, what do you think?
Think you would like to wrap a few things...
boxes, cans, bottles, jars...
the sky is the limit...

Until next time...
get out there and create something you love...

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  1. I love your twine-wrapped box, Cathy! It is so classy. I don't know how long that took you or how many burned fingers you got doing that. I twine-wrapped just the lid of a jar the other day and even THAT was time-consuming. I am so happy to have found your have so many great projects.

  2. Love it! The top looks different. How did you do that? Totally cool!

    1. Kathryn,
      I inadvertantly left the top out - even after spellchecking and proof-reading it did not dawn that I had not covered it. I edited the post to show the top better... Sorry but, thanks for pointing that out...some days are just full of distractions....

  3. How pretty Carol!!!!!!!!
    I love it - how are your fingers doing????

  4. Hello Cathy... and thank you so much for visiting me this morning... isn't it funny how a song (Time in a Bottle) can just dance through our thoughts?... so happy you commented on my post about it... your little twine covered box is adorable!... going back through some of your older posts now... wishing you a blissful day, xoxo Julie Marie

  5. love your box Kathy, clever and beautiful!

    Karen @ Brayton Homestead Interiors

  6. Very cute! I found you through Embracing Change. I love twine. Please join my party tomorrow at I'd love to have your blog linked up. Thanks!

  7. Lovely! I did something like this with a vase using cording that is for jewelry in different colors and I can totally attest to the fact that this is a very time consuming project. Unlike yours, mine wasn't worth it. It came out nice but it's not a useful item like yours so I wouldn't do it again using a vase, but might try it for something like you did providing there was a loooong movie on TV I could watch while I was working ;).

  8. I love this! I've done twine wrapped bottles but not a box. Pinning this from Debbie's party!

  9. Great project! Found you on Blitzed on Pinterest, pinning this!

  10. I love how this looks. The twine pattern on the top is awesome! So pinning this!

  11. Found you through Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop #123, this is a great idea!!!

  12. Love this, Cathy! I am so into burlap & twine, this would be perfect when I start on my boxes :-)

  13. I love your box, Cathy! It turned out so beautifully.

    Thanks so much for sharing at this week's Project Inspire{d}!

    Pinning to my party board ~

    Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see you for the next party!

    Mary Beth

  14. This is so adorable!! I love it. I am featuring you today at Pick of the Bunch!! Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. I love seeing your amazing projects. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  15. Super cute box! I love the crochet flower! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

  16. My kind of project, a de-stressor and cute to boot. I am looking forward to see what else you wrap. Thanks for sharing. Pam

  17. Your twine lamp you did Cathy I shared it on Pinterest last week and it's getting some re-pins! You always do such great work! I'm pinning this twine wrapped box too!

  18. So pretty! I love crafting with twine. Never thought to wrap a box - now I know :)

  19. I loved your box and I have the perfect box to cover and a large hank of jute twine that I was about to get rid of, so I caught your post just in time. My box is a large weave burlap or some kind of similar material so I hope it will work. It was beginning to get a few holes and could hold nothing heavy, so I hope it will work for maybe some of my craft materials.