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Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Long Hiatus - Ended....

Good afternoon everyone.
Have you been wondering where I have been?
I want to apologize for my absence...
Unfortunately, this past winter was not easy for me....
I somehow caught a respiratory bug
that kept returning
over and
over, again......

It was not at all fun.
But, with lots of sleep, some drugs and
lots of tea....

I am on the road back to the healthy again.
My what a long haul that was.
But, I am now so enjoying this beautiful
Spring weather.....
The flowers are finally putting forth their best dress
aren't they just gorgeous....
I love flowers and spring
Miss A and I have been planting a few things.
These pictures are of my garden when
I lived in the Midwest.
My, how I do miss this beautiful place.
But, I like to look at these each Spring to get
for the present planting season.
However, living at the beach does not afford us the privilege
of being able to use these type of plants
and so,
I have to come up with some comparable
plantings that are just as
We also have very little space to do any plantings.
we are working on it
although it doesn't look anything like our little
Midwest garden
I think it will be just as lovely
when we get it all put together.
So stay tuned as we push forward and get this project
under way.
I will be posting our few gardening projects
the many furniture and craft projects I have planned
along with
my Pinterest projects I so love to try.
So stay tuned, and welcome back
I am so glad you are here.
It's definitely time for this little hiatus to end.
What are you planning on planting this year?
Will you be planting vegetables along with your flowers?

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  1. Pray you feel completely better soon Cathy! Beautiful flowers! look forward to see your projects! love ya! Theresa