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Sunday, September 23, 2012

China Cabinet

Hello everyone.....
     Today, I am continuing on with my fall decor....

This is a china cabinet that has a history here.
I bought this cabinet to paint
then fill with old vintage books
other things I like.
But, I could not find the time to paint it when we moved in.
I just went ahead and placed it in the living room
filled it up with some books and such.
Well, now the drama.
I was about to paint it but, the hubs does not want it painted.
He rarely has a thing to say about a piece and lets me do whatever I feel like doing
this time he was quite adamant.
So, I am letting it ride for now and trying to persuade him that it will be all right.
And when the time is right - it will receive its
paint transformation.

For now it is filled with my new addiction
Pinterest inspired book page art.
I love the printed word on anything.
And I have fallen in love with all the book page art that can be found
around Pinterest and the Internet.
So, I will take you on a guided tour of the "unpainted" china cabinet.

Of course, I started with thrift store books.
I cut the covers off of them
and then
tied them in little bundles with raffia.

Then I placed them on the shelves
in many different ways.
Upright, lying down, stacked, askew
whatever suited me at the moment.

I love the old vintagy feel they give
and the chippy, ragged look.

I took a few pages out of a couple of books
decoupaged them on some Dollar Tree pumpkins.
Then, I rubbed them with
some Tim Holtz distressing ink in Vintage Photo.
I added some silk fall flowers and raffia to the tops
I am so in love with them......

They are so lovely sitting amongst the other pumpkins....

I had two thrift store frames that were ugly brown
I painted them with white craft store paint.
Then I wiped them with a rag while they were still wet
so some of the brown would show through.
Instant distressing.
Then I took a couple of old dictionary pages
adhered the to some cardstock.
Added some silk autumnal leaves
wallah... instant book page art
sprinkled amongst the pumpkins.

I love them.....

On the center of the center shelf is a paper flower wreath.
I made this several years ago
scrapbook paper, distressing inks, buttons, ribbons and large brads
my Cricut machine.
I love this wreath and think it adds just the right amount
of pop to this otherwise "white" fall decor.....

In the center of the bottom shelf
you see
the book page pillars I made several months ago.
I absolutely love these pillars
have added them elsewhere in the fall decor.
You can find the instructions to make these here.

And that is the
Pinterest inspired book page fall decor
in the unpainted china cabinet.

What do you think?
Have you tried any book page art?

Love it when you leave comments.
Please follow me here and on Pinterest.

Get out there and create but,
most of all
enjoy your life.

                                                                              Lovin' my life in Carolina,

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  1. I love your fall decorations! Thanks so much for stopping by today! Look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. You are so sweet - thanks for stopping by - you are welcome anytime....

  3. Very cute! I have a similar hutch is about the same as yours and my sweet husband will not let me paint it. He usually does not care what I do in our house as far as decorating..but there is something about this china hutch:)

    1. Isn't so funny how they become attached to the most unlikely piece in your house. He'll come around I just have to give him time, lol.... Thanks for stopping by....

  4. Cathy - Even tho you didn't get to paint your cabinet, it looks great!! Naturally, I love all of your books and your Mod Podged pumpkins. I love it all.


  5. Judy, you are so sweet - thank you for stopping by.....

  6. Love all of your fall decor! Visiting from Elizabeth & Co. -Angela @ Mrs. White Twig and Tea

  7. Thank you so much - I am really loving it myself......

  8. I have one similar I am painting one day but its never been out of the garage, maybe soon :) A little compromise might be to cover the back (which looks like mirror) with wallpaper or fabric to give you more of the look you were going for. It would change the look without paint.

  9. It is mirrored across the back - thank you for your idea of wallpaper or fabric - hadn't even crossed my mind but definitely going to look into it. Thanks for stopping by.....