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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


                                                 Hi there, grab a seat and let's have a
                                                           cup of coffee together
                                                               while we chat....

As you probably noticed -
we seem to be getting quite a
collection of boxes here......

We are moving on March 3 -
We are out of this condo, baby and
into a house.
Complete with a yard.....
(but that is a whole different post)

So I packed some boxes today.
The above picture was just the beginning..
And after several hours
of packing
I was tired of packing.

It was a beautiful, sunny, 60ish day today

A perfect day to be at the park.
Beautiful blue skies
some fluffy blue clouds.....

Papa read the USA Today in the car...

Miss A played with her friends...
And I read my studies to renew
my nursing license.
Boring, but mandatory
where better to read than the park?

Thanks for stoppin' by come back tomorrow and we'll chat.....

                                              Lovin' life in Carolina

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