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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tweak It Inspiration Thursday #2

Hello everyone.  
Today is Tweak It Thursday Inspiration.  I am having so much fun doing these - I hope you are enjoying them just as much.  Today Tammy will be bringing you the feature so I am going to turn it over to her.

Welcome back to another Tweak it Inspiration Thursday-Yellow and Blue Table Setting 

This is our second edition of "Tweak it Inspiration Thursday"  I am very excited that it is my week to host and feature one of you today!  I couldn't wait to share who and what  inspired me from last weeks party.  Did you happen to see the first "Tweak it Inspiration Thursday" and what inspired Cathy?  You can check that out here.
Before I get to what inspired me,  I would like to ask you all a huge favor.  As you now know last week Cathy featured Janet from Sweet Inspirations by JP Designs , I just learned some very sad news, her husband has suffered from a heart attack and he is still in the hospital and scheduled for surgery Tuesday, by the time you read this, I am in hopes he has had this surgery and on his way to recovery.  A very sweet co-worker of Janet's husband  set up a Go Fund It,  If you can help donate anything please do- if not please pray for Ralph, Janet and her family. Thank you!

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Today I will be featuring Amy from Atta Girl Says on her adorable Black and Yellow Elegant Table Setting and Ideas.  The details she put into this table are so inspiring and quite the "Bee's Knees" along with an amazing tutorial she presents - a video on how to fold pinwheel napkins.


Thursday Feature pinnable-yellow-black-table-decoration-ideas-12 Tweak it Inspiration Thursday

Everything about this setting is adorable,  I just loved the black and white table cloth she used to showcase here black and white dishes 

Atta Girl yellow-black-table-decoration-ideas-14

While she fills the center of her table with an adorable wire basket with bottles filled with yellow fresh flowers certainly is a "bees" haven.   
These pinwheel napkins... are not only  cute but the added gem to the center really sets them off in in an elegant way

atta girl yellow-black-table-decoration-ideas- at

I love how her table is set up and  how she pulls it all together with one simple idea of using a candied "Bee"  Now that is the "Bees Knees"  If you ask me!  
Now what really inspired me was the the pinwheel napkins.  I haven't done a table setting for some time now and one thing that always stumps me is the napkin,  which I always find to be  one of the most important things to finish off any table setting, normally I just fold or use a napkin ring, but after seeing how cute and easy Amy shows how to do this,  I had to give it a try.   

Pinwheel yellow checked napkin at

I just love how the the yellow and white checked napkin looks in a pinwheel fold.
Tweak it Inspiration Thursday-Yellow and Blue Table Setting at

I didn't use an actual table cloth on my table for this reason,  as you can see they pretty much fill up the whole white farmhouse table.  I purchased these  blue and white checked  placemats not to long ago,  As most of you know yellow and blue are my new colors I have been using in my kitchen so these daisies with the yellow centers on the blue and white checked placemats were perfect.  Using my yellow, white and a touch of blue dishes.
One more thing that I loved and since I have a few thanks to Farmhouse Decor Shop is the wire basket with bottles filled with flowers... I didn't use fresh flowers but I did use some white daisies  with yellow centers to capture the daisies in the placemats
If you liked these ideas you may want to pin it to your favorite Project ideas Pinterest Board!

Yellow and blue farmhouse Summer table setting at

Amy ... Thank you for the inspiration it was a lot of fun!!!!

Till Next Post... 
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I don't know about you but I was totally inspired by this.  I have never done fancy folds with napkins but maybe I could do one now.  Love both table settings - each so different and each so gorgeous.  Were you inspired?  Think you may try this with your next tablescape?  

Until next time have fun creating something you love.

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