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Monday, December 8, 2014

Let It Snow Mantel

Vintage, Paint and more... white mantel decor with pops of red

Good morning everyone.  Thank goodness I have finally gotten the decorating bug and just in time to join with several other bloggers to continue on the 

Blogger Christmas Series

If you haven't seen this series you are definitely missing out on some great  inspiration and creativeness shared here by our fellow bloggers.  Day One is here  and Day Two is here.  Today I am going to share our Christmas mantel.

Vintage, Paint and more... Christmas mantel with white snow and pops of red color

This year I decided to go back to using more color instead of just the neutral decor of last year.  I have to say I am loving all the pops of red among the neutral pieces.  

Vintage, Paint and more... mantel decor with snow theme interspersed with pops of red

I decided to do a Let It Snow theme because of the sign you see on the wall.  My son bought it for me a couple of years ago and it has been waiting for its turn to be in the spotlight.  I am actually being quite lazy as it can transition right into a very appropriate winter mantel after Christmas.  I hung the sign on our rustic "faux" pallet board above the fireplace. I then added some Dollar Tree snowflakes and a red bird.   

Vintage, Paint and more... snow mantel decor with white lantern filled with red ornaments 

Then I started on the mantel.  On the left side I placed a large white candle holder with a white lantern filled with red ornaments.  Below that you can see a little glittery white reindeer that I got from Dollar Tree last year.

Vintage, Paint and more... Dollar Store village painted white on a snow themed mantel with pops of red color

In the center of the mantel I placed our Dollar Tree village we painted white last year.  Each piece is put at a different height by setting them on clear candlesticks of varying heights.  I placed our smallest button hole cone tree in the center.

Vintage, Paint and more... burlap cone tree with red beads incorporated into a snow themed mantel

On the right I placed the burlap tree with red beads I made a couple of years ago on a large wooden candlestick.

Vintage, Paint and more... making your inexpensive garland fuller with added lights, faux pine boughs, berries and ice branches

The garland on the mantel is just one of those plain "faux" pine garlands that are quite inexpensive.  I added a bit to this to make it look fuller.  First I sprayed it with a bit of flocking.  Not much - I probably could have done a little more.  Then I laced it with a string of mini white lights. After it was in place I added red berries, iced branches, and some more greens to give it some added color, texture and fullness. 

Vintage, Paint and more... dollar store village painted white for a snow themed mantel

I love how this little white village is all nestled among the greenery and how the red berries pop against the white. 

Vintage, Paint and more... snow themed mantel with white village, snowflakes and pops of red

I also added some glittery trees and deer to give just a bit more sparkle.

Vintage, Paint and more... Christmas stockings made from drop cloth and sheets embellished with burlap ribbon and greenery

I used our stockings that I made out of drop cloth and sheets a couple of years ago but I changed them up a bit.  I wanted some red on them so on two of them I added a red chevron stripe burlap ribbon and a bit of pine twig.  The other three I just pinned a holly leaf with a small gold glittered pine cone and some red berries.  Now I have some color added to the stockings as well.

Vintage, Paint and more... snow themed mantel with white village, snowflakes and pops of red color in berries and ornaments along with drop cloth stockings

I am loving how this mantel sparkles with its neutral colors brought to life with just little bits of added reds, greens and glitter.  So pretty when it is all lit up. Have you changed your decor this year or are you keeping it the same?  

Be sure to visit the links below to see what all the other bloggers in this series have been putting together to share with you. 

Until next time enjoy creating something you love.

Vintage, Paint and more... blogger Christmas Series