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Monday, April 28, 2014

Succulents in Upcycled Dollar Store Pots

Written by: Cathy Carroll, Vintage, Paint and more...

Good morning, friends...
This morning I am going to bring you a quick and easy little project 
that is just perfect for Spring...
I have been in the gardening mood 
have not been able to do much yet.
So, I decided to make a little "garden" inside for now.

I started with three Dollar Tree flower pots
( which I forgot to take a before pic of).
I took two small brown pots and painted them with my 
DIY white chalk paint.
I did a very thin coat so some of the brown would show through
to give it more interest.

Succulents in Upcycled Dollar Store Pots - chalk painted dollar store pot, DIY chalk paint

Then I took one of their larger brown pots and wrapped it with twine
gluing it in place with hot glue.
A simple technique but somewhat time consuming.
But, I can honestly say I really enjoy wrapping things with twine - it's relaxing to me....

Succulents in Upcycled Dolar Store Pots - twine wrapped dollar store pot, twine crafts

So, here are the three when they were done..
Quite different from the original ones.
( Notice I covered my dining table with a garbage bag before playing in the dirt)

Succulents in Upcycled Dollar Store Pots - chalk painted flower pots, chalk paint craft, twine wrapped pot, twine crafts, flowers, gardening

Next I used some pine cones in the bottom of the pots for filler 
to help with water drainage as these are ceramic pots and have no drainage holes.
( I am not too keen on drilling holes in them either.)
I read this tip somewhere and thought I would try it 
we have an abundance of pine cones in our back yard...

Succulents in Upcycled Dollar Store Pots - pinecones used as filler, twine wrapped pot, pinecones for planting flowers

I picked up these three succulents at Lowe's.
They are a little pricey I think at $3.98 each for small 3 inch pots
they are quite trendy and in high demand so we have to pay a little more.

Succulents in Upcycled Dollar Store Pots - succulents, gardening with succulents, jade plant

I planted each of the pots and then placed some earthy pebbles around the top 
to keep them from drying out rapidly 
to add texture.
This one is a jade plant - one of my favorite succulents.
I love the deep jade green of the buds -
and the smoothness of the plant against the nubby texture of the twine wrapped pot.

Succulents in Dollar Store Pots - jade plant, twine covered flower pot, succulent gardening, using succulents in the decor

I chose the next plant for one of the white pots because of its colors 
the fact that it looks a bit like a rose.
I do not know the name of it.

Succulents in Upcycled Dollar Store Pots - DIY chalk painted pot, succulent gardening, home decor with succulents, decorating with succulents

Next, I chose a trailing succulent that has some nice texture 
a beautiful green that stands out against the white of the pot.

Succulents in Upcycled Dollar Store Pots - succulent gardening, light green succulents, decorating with succulents, using succulents in the home

I love how they look together on the shelf -
the contrast of the dark and light green colors
the smooth texture against the rustic twine and chalk paint.

Succulents in Upcycled Dollar Store Pots - DIY flower pots, painting flower pots, using succulents to decorate with, repotting succulents, how to decorate with succulents

This is a little sneak peek of what we did this weekend.
Sorry, but the end reveal is a ways off.
We spent the weekend changing several rooms in our home.
As many of you know, we are a multigenerational family living together.
We have
many different and individual needs as most families have.
Ours have changed since we moved here 
it became necessary to change things up to fit all those needs.
Out little one is growing and requiring more room,
our hobbies and activities are changing
the challenge of meeting all those needs came to the point of needing 
to change rooms to fit those needs.
Stay tuned because I have lots to show you over the next few weeks....

In the mean time,
has the gardening mood hit you also?
Succulents in Upcycled Dollar Store Pots - planting succulents in DIY chalk painted and twine wrapped pots from the dollar store

What have you planted so far?
Tell us in the comments below.
I love to read your comments and answer each and everyone of them
through email....

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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  1. I love those pots Cathy! You'd never know that they were at first just a Dollar Store flower pot.

  2. Pine cones, what an idea! Next time I won't buy lightweight aggregate, I use those, too. Thanks, Cathy, once again about great idea!

  3. Seriously! I NEED to get to the Dollar store!! So pretty Cathy!

  4. What a cute idea (and cheap too). I also love how you added pine cones into the bottom for drainage!
    Renee - Kudos Kitchen

  5. I love the twine wrapped one especially, lovely textures.
    The pinecone idea is great, I'll have to give it a try, thanks.
    And don't worry about how pricey these little plants were, as long as you don't over water them they should flourish and in about a year (or maybe less) you can divide them and gets loads more plants for free!

  6. I love a good upcycle, and what great ideas with the twine and use of pinecones as filler, these came out so nice Cathy!

  7. Cute ideas! We did a flower pot upcycle using fabric this week :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great idea to make pot look great. I have never used pine cones in the bottom but instead use pieces of Styrofoam. I will remember that if I don't have any Styrofoam handy.

  9. GREAT idea for Mother’s Day! Love the twine pot! I have covered a basket in twine but not a pot yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. So pretty! I need to re-do my succulent planter. I left it outside during the winter and many of my succulents died.

  11. Love what you did…thank you for sharing at One More Time Events

  12. Now that is awesome and thanks for great tip about pine cones in pots. I have lots of them also as I scoop them up when I see them on ground anywhere. I use them for several purposes.
    Haven't really started any serious gardening as weather here in Western CO has been quite unpredictable. Nothing new for Spring here. I've been wanting to get some more succulents. We have hens/chicks we brought with us from KY almost 10 yrs. ago.
    I have $tree gift card with balance left yet so just might have to get some of those pots to put some new succulents in. Every time we go to town I forget to look for succulents at HD or Lowe's. After a couple craft stores hubs gets impatient to go home. I need to pin this so I don't forget, great post.

  13. Love the pot with twine! And how clever to put pinecones in the bottom!

  14. I hear you on not being able to garden yet. It is still so cold here. I too bought a succulent this past week. I think we northerners are dying for some green! Your pots look great! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


  15. I just don't have the vision when I'm in the dollar store for some reason! These little pots are perfect for succulants. Love the twine-wrapped one. Thanks so much for sharing at our party! :)

  16. Nice! I love the pine cone idea. Thanks for sharing at the #partyontheporch. Blessings, D

  17. Cute Cathy! I especially love the pot wrapped with twine. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  18. Hi Cathy! I've had multiple problems with the linkup, but think I finally have it fixed. Hope you can come back and link-up! Blesssings, Deborah

  19. very lovely!! I love the way the three look together!