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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Entryway

Written by: Cathy Carroll

After the New Year I took all the Christmas decor 
out of the entryway.
I never added anything else to it 
 it has been quite blah out there these last few months.
I decided since Spring has hit full force here it's time to do something
about that blah entryway.
So, today I am going to show you my 
Spring Entryway.

Spring Entryway - A bright and cheery entryway with yellow and blue, chevron bunny sign

A brighter and definitely, cheerier little area that welcomes you to our home.

Spring Entryway - chevron bunny sign, repurposed mirror to chalkboard, chalk paint bench, black and white check bench

I started with our Welcome Bench and the Black and White Chalkboard
that I painted last summer.
I love both of these pieces and they have definitely become the backbone 
of this area.
For Spring this year I have been adding little pops of yellow in every room of our home.
It is such a bright and cheerful color - one of my favorites;
totally makes me think of Spring.

Spring Entryway - thrifted black boots, red Christmas berries

I had these old black fireman boots I used as Santa's boots for Christmas.
I wanted to use them to portray the Spring showers 
needed to change them up a bit.

Spring Entryway - bunny and painted boot vignette

So I spray painted them with some blue paint.
I first painted them with two coats of white spray paint with primer in it 
and then
two coats of the blue paint.
I then added a cuff of frayed drop cloth fabric to the top of each.
Dropped some faux yellow daisies in them along with
some faux white and brown grassy foliage for my pop of color.
Then, Mr. Bunny took up a stance in front of them.

Spring Entryway - painted boots and faux flowers

Such a cutie he is.....
He was an old terra cotta bunny that was left here 
I did a little white wash of DIY chalk paint
to make him a little more presentable.

Spring Entryway - chevron bunny sign, repurposed mirror to chalkboard

Instead of doing my usual chalkboard design I decided to try something different.
I made this cute little chevron bunny art to hang on the board.
This is actually a piece of cut foam board that I covered with 
some chevron fabric I had on hand.
I then cut out a bunny I had drawn freehand, traced him onto the fabric
and used white craft paint to paint him.
His tail is a ball of twine I looped around my fingers several times,
tied, and then hot glued in place.
The bow at the top is made from a scrap piece of burlap ribbon and glued on.
I then hot glued a piece of twine to the back to hang it with.
I think it turned out so cute 
actually cost me nothing because all of these items were
leftovers from other projects.

Spring Entryway - burlap wreath, painted boots

I decided to use my Burlap Wreath on the door for now.
I may make a new one for Easter 
not really sure of that.

Spring Entryway - chevron bunny sign, black and white check bench, blue rainboots

I love the bright, cheerfulness it all brings to this area.
A definite welcome that creates a smile.

What colors are you using for Spring this year?
Have you done something special to your entry/porch?
I love comments so, tell us all about it there...

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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