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Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Mantel

Written by: Cathy Carroll

Spring has finally arrived at the beach this week.
The sun, the ocean breezes - the warm temps..
and being able to open all the windows
has given me a good dose of Spring fever.

I have been so busy adding pops of yellow here, 
a dash of blue there,
a bird, a rabbit, a flower - whatever hits me at the moment.....
So, let me show you what I have been up to....

Spring Mantel - vintage rabbit and watering can

The mantel was one of the first places I started taking away all the winter bits 
adding nice fresh touches of Spring.
Before I get into the new decor for the mantel 
I need to tell you about a new addition to the wall above the mantel.

Spring Mantel - book page wreath, book page columns, sea shells

As you can see here the wall above the mantel is just a plain neutral painted wall
everything I hang there just sort of blends in with it.

This book page wreath is a statement in itself 
it just doesn't stand out against the neutral background. 
The ceilings here are 12 foot high and not one of us likes to climb a ladder.
We rent and do not want to pay the price of hiring someone to do this for us.
So, I was in a dilema as to  what to put here that would 
be renter friendly and still look nice.
T. came across some old shelves at his work place 
brought them home thinking he would build some sort of bookcase.
However, one morning as we were brainstorming he thought about the 
shelves and how they might look up there...

Spring Mantel - wood shelf to faux pallet board

He put the three shelves together with screws 
then we hung it above the fireplace with a wire hanger.
Totally renter friendly and portable.

Spring Mantel - faux pallet wall hanging, book page wreath, stenciled canvas, vintage rabbit

This is how it turned out.
I love this background so much.
It reminds me of old pallet boards with their aging and distressing.
It makes the book page wreath stand out beautifully now
making it the focal point it was meant to be.

Spring Mantel - faux pallet board, book page wreath, watering can, spring flowers

Here is a side view of it - showing the thickness of it.
It looks quite heavy but, is in fact quite light.
And, the natural wear and tear on it has made for a delightful patina.
I think it is perfect.

On to the subject of the day - The Spring mantel.
I wanted to incorporate yellow into our blue and brown color scheme
to make it more springy.

Spring Mantel - vintage rabbit, watering can, altered books, spring flowers

I added my watering can filled with some faux apple blossoms 
tied a little blue check ribbon around it.
I set it on a pile of old coverless books tied with a yellow and blue ribbon.
Then set my last year's Hobby Lobby "vintage" rabbit next to it.

Spring Mantel - stenciled canvas, altered candlestick and lantern

On the right side I placed  the recently stenciled canvas I did
along with a candlestick and lantern I have painted with chalk paint.
I added a cute little blue bird in the lantern
his mate is next to the canvas.
I am in love with birds at the moment and you will see them popping up all over.

Spring Mantel - book page wreath, vintage rabbit, faux bird nest

In the center I placed a faux bird nest I made from moss 
I bought at the Dollar Tree and a few sticks from the yard.
Inside I placed a couple of faux eggs I got at Hobby Lobby last year.

Spring Mantel - old shelves to pallet board backdrop, book page wreath, vintage rabbit, stenciled canvas

I am in love with this Spring mantel  
it's all because of the "pallet" board we hung above it.
And, the added pops of yellow that are so cheerful...

Have you begun your Spring decorating yet?
What are you doing to usher Spring into your home?
Tell us in the comments below I love to hear what you are doing....

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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