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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Traditions

Our family - as most families -  has many traditions at this time of year.
There are activities that we have been doing since the oldest were toddlers
if I try to skip any of these activities
I am nearly crucified.
They have become the expected and are actually a big part of what
Christmas is to our grand kids.
Baking is one of our number one traditions
they all get into it no matter their age.
These two older girls have been baking with Grandma since
they were toddlers.
The only difference now is that they can actually
do most of it by themselves
 have become great cookie and candy bakers.
However, this is the kitchen while they are working.
(Just keeping it real....)
The two younger have now joined in the fun
help with what they can do
to make all those delicious delectables.
We make a day of it and have a blast together.
Of course, it includes eating a fair amount of the wares
a cup or two of hot chocolate
if it's too warm we just turn the AC way down.
Another activity that they have to do each year is
trim Grandma's tree.
This is a big party and when we lived in the Midwest
where all eight of our grand kids were it was a big affair.
We still carry on the tradition here with just the four that are here.
They enjoy picking their special ornaments to put on the tree
placing them in just the right spot for all to see.
They each tell little tales of memories they have of their special ornament
share lots of laughs and giggles as they reminisce.
After it is done we all admire it and tell each other
what a great job we did this year
as the youngest says
"This is the best tree ever!"
Then it's hot cocoa, some of those cookies
"The Polar Express".
It just wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't usher it in
with this great movie.
We wrap up in blankets even if it's 80 outside (the AC on, again)
cuddle up together.
It's one of the happiest times that I enjoy so much with them.
We always have a craft day.
I try to find age appropriate crafts that span all the ages.
They love to create
part of Christmas is creating together.
This year they made this little snowman
some clay tags.
Both quite simple for them to do
(the older helping the younger)
very cute and useful items when they were done.
They really enjoyed using their own creativity with the tags.
I love what they came up with.
We always take a couple of evenings with the grands
catch the movie of the season.
This is year it was the new
"Hunger Games: Catching Fire"
(the younger two skipped this one)
Then it's home for more hot cocoa and cookies.
We have a new tradition that we started when we moved here to the beach.
Brookgreen Gardens puts on an annual
"Night of a Thousand Candles" event.
This is a fairy tale walk through the garden at night.
It is lit with fairy lights and candles
 is absolutely mesmerizing and beautiful.
The kids love it.
We get hot cocoa (of course) and coffee,
bundle up and go for a long stroll.
I am not the greatest night photographer
we enjoy all the lights hanging from tree limbs,
surrounding the tree trunks and rambling through the grasses.
There are little tents scattered throughout the gardens
with small orchestras of music playing
that lends to the ambiance.
The statuary of the gardens are spotlighted in wondrous ways
 the whole of it is a fairy land come live.
The girls, especially revel in the imaginative it come alive for them.
I, too can get totally lost in this land of
Christmas wonder.
These are a few of our Christmas traditions
what are yours?
Would love to hear about them in the comments.
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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....
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