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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Mantel 2013

Written by: Cathy Carroll; Vintage, Paint and more...

This year I wanted to simplify our decor a lot.
Each year I bring out all the storage cartons full of decorations
proceed to unwrap everything and put it out.
When it is done I get overwhelmed with the amount of clutter it makes
within a few days I am ready to put it all away.
So, I decided the huge Old World Santa collection would stay in the cartons
along with the collection of nutcrackers
all the red faux poinsettias
the rest of the collection of things we have gathered over the years.

I decided to try a very simple
decor with a very simple and calming color scheme.
I am using white, gold and browns this year.
Not a new concept as many people have used it before me
it is drastically new to us.

This is our mantel this year.
Very neutral in color and full of texture
and I like it a lot.
But, my family is not real happy with the neutrality of it.
They want red
and Santas
all the other things in the cartons.

This is the mantel last year.
There is a huge difference - the red does add
that special something that my family has to have.
this year's is done
there is no undoing or going back for me now.
But, next year there will be red again.

Almost all of the items on the mantel are handmade.
I love to create
this is especially true at Christmas.

First I laid down a garland that I bought at Hobby Lobby
at 50% off for $4.50.
I sprayed it with artificial snow and added a set of fairy lights to it.
Then on the left side of the mantel
I placed some of my little trees that you can read about
If you read my blog much you know that these have become
somewhat of an obsession of mine.

In the center of the mantel is N-O-E-L.
I made this out of foam core bought at the Dollar Tree.
The "N" is wrapped in brown paper with glitter stars.
The "O" is a snowflake from Dollar Tree that is sprayed with glitter.
The "E" is wrapped with glitter paper from Wal-mart.
The "L" is wrapped with twine.
In front of the NOEL sign are two gold ribbon pine cone ornaments
I made this year.
(Tutorial later)
And then I have two glittery white reindeer ornaments
from the Dollar Tree, of course.
On the right of the mantel are....
You guessed it more little trees I have made.
I just can't get enough of these...

Hanging over the top of all this is my yarn wreath.
You can read about it here and here.
I added some book page snowflake ornaments I made.
(This tutorial is also coming up)
I am definitely in love with the fluffiness and texture
of this wreath.

Underneath all this are the stockings I made last year.
They are made from drop cloth fabric and sheets.
The initials are just cut out of poster board and glittered.
Then I have two white poinsettias on the hearth.

Although this turned out exactly as I envisioned it;
it just isn't us.
We are enjoying it and it really is quite pretty lit up at night.
But, next year I am sure I will not be able to get by
without using the bright Christmas colors.
If I do try - I may have to find a new home??

So, have you ever stepped outside the box for you
then been just a little disappointed in your decision.
Were you like me - no turning back at this point?
Or, did you change it back to your old way of doing things?
Would love to hear from you in the comments section.

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Until next time
have a great day and get out there and create
something you love.....

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