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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Creative Space

Hi there Blog Friends,
Hoping this day finds you well
living in the sunshine
as we are here at the beach today....

I want to share my new space I have been working on
for a couple + months....
I actually started this somewhere around
But with all the setbacks I had this winter it took me awhile....

This is my new go to space-
my creative space.
I am so loving this space -
I practically live here 24/7 now.
It is so pretty, peaceful and inspiring.....

That wasn't always so-
it used to look like this....
Which was a really nice room also

It was originally done for the grand kids for
when they came to visit....
However, they moved here
it was not getting used like we had intended.
In fact,
I would dare say it went for weeks with no one
even entering it
except to dust.
So, I made an executive decision
came up with a brilliant idea.

Why not use this for a craft, creative space
for me
instead of the dining room table.

So, it became this

I love it.....

I painted several pieces of furniture
we had on hand to use in this space
and I love how they turned out.

If you look at the original pic
the walls were contractor beige
I painted them a nice subtle
Valspar's Ghost Ship.
I really like the way it brightens up this space.

This is the chifferobe that you see painted
a bright blue green in the original space.
I kept the blackboard on the door
just haven't found a quote to write on it yet.
I repainted the drawers
Valspar's Seashore Fog
which is actually a grey blue.
( I had some left over from our bedroom
made it into homemade chalk paint  -  recipe found )
The rest of the piece I painted
Valspar's Anthem White
also made into homemade chalk paint.
This piece is intended to hold all my fabrics and sewing supplies.

This is a small pantry that we have had for years.
It has been used in so many areas for so many different things
that I think it probably doesn't know
what it is actually supposed to be.....
I also painted it with the home made chalk paints
Valspar's Anthem White and Seashore Fog.

As you can see it has tons of space
at the moment I am working on the organization of it.
This is sure to change as I incorporate
all the pieces I want in this space.

This is another piece that has been around for years.
This was originally dark mahogany
I painted it white and papered it with blue toille paper.
Well, it took me forever to strip that paper
off of all the drawers.
Then I painted it the homemade chalk paint
Anthem White and Seashore Fog.
I put the glass knobs back on but,
want to change them to brushed nickel to
match the chifferobe.
In due time....
This little piece actually is four different drawer units that stack.
I have only three of them here

I have the top one here next to my desk.
It hold my most used items -
near and convenient.

My desk is an old farmhouse kitchen table
that I picked up
at a thrift store for $25.
It is in perfect condition
exactly what I wanted.
Next to my desk are a set of cubbie shelf units
that you cannot see very well
at this time.
I will get better pics and show you when I have the
organization done for them.
The desk chair is going to be
slip covered but that is a future project.
In the meantime,
I am so enjoying this space and getting so much done here. 
I will be sharing some of my storage ideas
with you soon......

I don't know what I did without this space for so long.
How bout you - do you have a dedicated creative space?


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  1. I love your new craft room. It looks so calming and inviting! I love those stackable drawers. I know you want to change the knobs but I really love what's on them now. Just a little bling! Great job on the redo. Bet you can get a lot of things accomplished there as long as you stay feeling good.

  2. Your new craft room is beautiful. Love all the storage. I am working on a craft room in our basement. I have been FOREVER! I hope it will be photo worthy soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your's is lovely. I am following via Feedly. Have a great week!


  3. What a gorgeous craft room. The wall colour is pretty and what you have done with your wooden pieces is amazing. I love the knobs on your many drawered unit and hope you haven't changed them since posting this :)

    I came over from the Happy Housie.

  4. What a great craft room! I especially love the multi-drawer piece - the knobs are so pretty too. I just found you on Confessions Of A Serial DIYer.

  5. This is fantastic! Please SHARE this cool post at my linky party if you haven’t already, hope you stop by every week and please add as many as you would like! I really appreciate your support and encouragement .

    Be Sweet~
    Christina at

  6. I am completely jealous of your gorgeous space! I could sit in there and craft all day! I love the colors you chose, and the storage is amazing. Thanks again for linking up at Get Your DIY On!

    ~Abby =)