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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Chill

Good morning my friends.
How is your morning going so far/
I have to say I am cold
I mean cold.
I am not supposed to be cold living at the beach!
I not cold, cold, cold
frozen cold, like I was two years ago
before the beach
when this is where I lived...
The year we got between 4-6 inches of snow,
then 2 inches of ice,
then another 4+ inches of snow
so we had
10 - 12 inches of yuck on the ground.
we were house bound for three days,
in the middle of the city!
The winter we decided we had had enough
it was time to go somewhere warm.
Mother Nature has played a trick on us
it is cold enough all I want to do is
I want this....
and this....
my garden overflowing with flowers
and warmth
and hummingbirds.
I am so ready to start planting
and so
ready for spring.
I have no motivation to do anything
no projects happening right now.
Our older granddaughters spent the weekend with us
we did do a Pinterest project..

Wouldn't the kids love these!
Wouldn't the kids love these!

Aren't these cute?
We did ours a little different....
We just dipped Oreo cookies in almond bark
added some sprinkles.
Then they got a little more creative
Put marshmallows on sticks
dipped and sprinkled them.
It made for a fun afternoon and some sweet eating....
Right up our alley
on a cloudy, dreary day....
Then it was movie time....
Even though we had a lot of fun
bundled up in blankets, eating popcorn, hot chocolate
and enjoying the time
I still wish
Our beach would get back to normal!!!
It's time for the sun, flowers, and warm breezes!!
How is your winter going? 
Are you so ready for Spring like me?
Have a great week and keep warm...


  1. Congratulations Cathy on your watermarks!!!
    Those oreos look to die for - I could go for one right now actually lol
    I'm ready for Spring - completely

  2. Hey Cathy the snow sure looked pretty but this is the tie of year I say I'm glad I live in Florida!!! lol Just saying!!! I love your yard with the flowers!! I'm reading for spring too...have plans for growing more veggies this year!! The sweets looked awesome especially the oreo dessert! Hang in there you two and stay warm!!! xoxo Love Theresa

  3. Hey you,
    It is 22 degrees out there today, and I'm with you! It is time for spring!
    When I moved here I brought all my tins, coffee cans, Tupperware...., every container of dead-headed seeds to new packages of flower seeds, and there are plenty of flower beds here to make a home for all these seeds! I can't wait..., but I need to take inventory. From Asters to Zinnias; the zinnia seeds are vintage! lol!, they are from flowers planted back in the mid 90's!, that I dead-headed every fall and replanted every spring! The only thing I have to figure out is what goes where now..., there are lots of hostas here, some azaleas, roses, hibiscus, and lilies, and I want the annuals to mix with the perennials.
    Fun fun, fun!
    I'll be looking forward to seeing the changes in your flower beds, from spring to fall, as you post the pictures for all of us to see! Am I long-winded? I got it from missing you! lol!
    Love you!!! <3