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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trimming the Tree

Through the years we have built several
family traditions around
that involve our grandchildren.
One of the them is the annual
Christmas Tree Decorating Party.
This became a tradition when they were all quite young.
I set the tree up and in the first parties
had the lights on it.
( Now we have a prelit tree - what an awesome invention)
Then I would make sure all the
garlands were on.
The kids would all come over and decorate it
with all the ornaments.
These two - Miss K and Miss C were just toddlers
when we began this tradition.
As you can tell it has been several years....
They each have their own favorite ornaments
they like to put on.
And with each one they like to tell the story of its origin
or just why they like it.
A time of lots of memories
for them and me.
Each ornament has to find its own special place
on the tree for this year.
Sometimes this make for much decision making
on the part of the one
who places it.
It is a wonderful time we spend with
our grandchildren.
We play Christmas music and sing to it as we decorate.
it's pizza, popcorn and home baked cookies
of course,
our special movie
The Polar Express....
this is the finished product.
How beautiful it is
another year of memories made for each of us.....
Do you have special family traditions?
Who decorates your tree?

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