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Friday, August 3, 2012

Pinterest Fun

Hi everyone....
                      Been a while since my last post but, we have had a rather busy last few weeks.


As you all know our grand kids came to visit for a couple of weeks

What fun we had entertaining them
should I say them entertaining us......

Either way we totally enjoyed them.....

Besides lots of outdoor activities
we also tried a few indoor craft projects....

One of the projects they chose was seen on Pinterest.

You may have seen the post...
Melting crayons on an art canvas to make art.
This is one of their pictures.

This project was so easy even our 6 year old needed little help.
They each came up with their own idea of how they wanted it to look
and went from there.

We started with an art canvas for each one.
We used the flat board canvas not the stretched ones.
Then we used crayons, low temp glue guns, silk and paper flowers and buttons.
Very few supplies for this one.

They began by gluing the crayons on with the low temp glue.
You can do this in any manner you like -
all the same colors,
a derived color pattern,
a mix match of colors,
in a straight line,
in a wavy, zig zag line.
It's totally up to you how you do this -
it's your art.

Then the fun begins..
Take a heat gun and start blowing on the crayons tips.
Let the tips melt into a small puddle then...
Tip your canvas a little to let the wax run down the length of it.
You can control this a bit by tipping and tilting your canvas at
different angles to make the wax go where you want to get the effect you want.
You can heat as much or as little as you like.
It all depends on the effect you want.
This process takes a little while to do as the wax melts slowly.

Then add silk and paper flowers with your hot glue. 
Arrange them as you would like.
We glued on buttons for the centers of the flowers.
And, this is the end result.

Miss A placed hers on the shelf in her room.
It adds a lot of color to her room.
She is quite proud of it.

I think they turned out very well
most important of all
the kids all enjoyed doing it.....

Have you crafted anything that inspired you from Pinterest lately?
Did it turn out as well as the Pinterest picture?

Until next time
get out there and do something fun.
But, most of all
enjoy your life.....

                                                                       I am lovin' my life in Carolina

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