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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Vintage Nightstands

Our bedroom is starting to come together 
and I am quite pleased with the results.
Today I am going to show you 
how I repurposed some of the tables from my craft room into our nightstands.

Vintage, Paint and more... - painted table, DIY chalkpaint, white painted tables

We had a set of nightstands that I was not in love with.
Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted table

We had picked these up at a thrift store when we first moved here
was using them as end tables for a long while.
They were only $18 and they did the job we needed them to do.
They soon got replaced 
moved to our bedroom as nightstands.
I hated this wood look so I painted them grey with a white drawer
then did a fancy stencil on them.
Can I say that was a major fail - they were just so ugly.
I didn't even take a picture of them 
I knew I would be redoing them.
But, my dilemma was - how was I going to redo them?
What I had envisioned for them did not fit with the direction I was going in our room
I had to come up with another plan.
Isn't it funny how sometimes necessity opens up the very path we need to take.
Well, having to change all the rooms around left some furniture 
floating around here without a purpose.

Vintage, Paint and more... - chalkpainted vintage tables, repurposed tables, two tone painted tables,

One of them was this little table that I had bought for $10 at a thrift store.
It was already white and had a red painted drawer.
I gave it a new coat of my DIY chalk paint

Vintage, Paint and more... - DIY white chalk painted vintage table, Fleur de lis drawer pulls, two tone painted table

painted the drawer in Valspar Seashore Fog.
Which is my favorite grey blue right now.
Then I added some little Fleur de Lis knobs from Hobby Lobby.
I don't remember how much they cost but, 
they are almost always on 50% off.
So this little table became Papas nightstand.

Vintage, Paint and more... - vintage cabinet painted in DIY white chalk paint, multi drawered cabinet, two tone painted cabinet

Then I had this multi drawered table that I had bought many years ago.
It was originally a dark mahogany wood.
I changed it to white
I had decoupaged blue toille wall paper on each drawer.
That was my style then.
I removed all the wall paper and gave it a new coat of 
DIY  white chalk paint .
Then I painted the drawers in Valspar's Seashore Fog.
I kept the glass knobs I had originally placed on it.
I think it is such a great looking vintage piece now.
This became my night stand.
Vintage, Paint and more... chalk painted tables, french topography pillows, drop cloth pillow, vintage master bed room, blue bed room

Here is a long shot of the tables on each side of the bed 
how they complement the new bed linens.
This room is slowly coming together
we are really enjoying the calm, relaxing decor.

What have you repurposed in your home that was no 
longer needed where it was?
We are constantly moving furniture from room to room 
that's why most of our furniture 
is painted to be interchangeable.

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