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Monday, May 12, 2014

Changing Rooms

Good Morning everyone.
Hope all you Mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday
all you non-mothers enjoyed celebrating with your mothers.
We had a very quiet day ourselves.
We went to church, then brunch, then spent the afternoon
just enjoying each others company.
Those types of get-togethers are just so relaxing and fun.
I think I enjoy them the most.

A couple of posts ago I was telling you about some changes that 
are being made here.
These are room changes involving - not one
three rooms.
All three are being moved and their uses are being reworked 
to fit our ever changing needs.

Changing Rooms - repurposing existing rooms, making rooms work for your needs

The room above is my and Papa's bedroom when we first moved in 
two years ago.
We have really never done anything to it except painted it when we moved in.
(Papa was not thrilled with the baby pink it was painted).
The boxes were removed and the furniture was moved around a bit
no decor - nothing...
I have been working on this room for about two months now trying 
to make it a nice relaxing retreat for us.
I felt it had been ignored long enough.
However, this past month we had a sort of family pow- wow 
decided things just weren't functioning as we really would like them to.

Our resident 8 year old, Miss A - who lives in this room

Changing Rooms - moving into a big girl room, pink little girls room, repurposing a room

has decided it is no longer fitting her "needs". 
After all she is growing up !? - according to her....
She requested her room be moved to the loft.
This has been debated previously but, we all felt she just wasn't ready to be up there yet.
Her room is right across from her parents 
she feels much comfort in that.
(Or maybe her parents and her grandparents feel much comfort in that ??)
Anyway, after much conversation and consideration 
her room was moved to the loft.

Changing Rooms - craft room to pre teen room, repurposing rooms, making your room meet your needs

This is what was in the loft.
My office - craft space that I  dearly loved
it was not functioning well for me either.
I was up where it was quiet to work 
it also made me unavailable for whatever was going on downstairs 
with the rest of the family.
And, let's face it all you Mothers - 
there is always an "urgent" need requiring you to trek down the stairs
while trying to accomplish something upstairs.
So, it was decided that the loft would be incorporated into
this room.

Changing Rooms - melding one room with another and making it work

This room is my and Papa's bedroom.
I just showed you our new bed linens in this post.
This room had not really made much more headway than the new linens
incorporating the office furniture into the room
was much easier than I thought it would be.
I have been able to add the office in a way that I am loving.
I will be posting more of that soon.

Now, what happened to that empty room?
Well, it is being changed into something the whole family agreed that we need 
at this time in our lives.

Changing Rooms - making rooms to meet our needs, creating rooms to fit your needs

It is definitely a work in progress as you can see.
A partially put together exercise machine to start off our 
new get healthy regimen.
We have been working on trying to eat healthier and get more exercise 
with Papa and I being of a particularly older age 
the working out in the summer here at the beach is most unbearable for us.
So, T decided that we would put together a home gym
to help us all out.
No need for us to be out in the heat and humidity at all.
We can get our strength training and our cardio in the comforts of air conditioning.

None of these rooms are finished - it's much like moving 
I honestly think it would have been easier to just 
move into another home than do all of this.
What it has done though is caused all of us to do some 
very much needed purging and organizing - think Spring cleaning on a major level.
We definitely have lots to do over the next few months 
and, of course,
 we decided to start this just when its
time to work on the outdoor projects.
So, I am trying to balance out all the work and get things done as 
quickly and easily as possible.

Have you ever made major room changes all at once?
How did you keep your sanity?
I love to read your comments and answer them all by email.

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Until next time - create something you love.

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  1. There sure is huge work changing rooms! I have done it few times as we have lived over here over 13 years, so children has moved in and out - and actually during the years my hubby and I have slept in every room in the house (except kitchen and bath ;-) ). Just enjoy your "new" bedroom!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work, wish you the best and know everyone will be happy in the end, love you cousin. Becky

  3. Wow -those do sound like some major room changes. Last summer we combined our two boys rooms and then I moved my craft room upstairs into one of their rooms. It has worked out amazingly and I LOVE it.... hard choice to make but thrilled that we did!! Have a great weekend Cathy:)