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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Textures of Fall

Good morning friends.
How is your morning going?
We're having an absolutely awesome fall day
here at the beach.
It's 73, sunshiny, breezy
A perfect day to go for a walk
work on one of those many projects I have on hand.

I thought I would show you a couple of my
fall vignettes today.
I like to use lots of texture in my vignettes.
This one has many a varied texture in place -
the dried hydrangeas, basket, ceramic bird, metallic painted pumpkins,
beaded pumpkins, mod podge paper pumpkins
some potpourri.

 I left the hydrangeas on the bushes to dry most of the way.
To do that you basically just leave them on until they are turning brown
almost crunchy to the touch.
I then brought them in and placed them in the ironstone pitcher
with the stems covered about 2 inches with water.
I let the water evaporate over time
this dried the hydrangeas beautifully.
Now, mine are blue and brown
that is exactly what I wanted as our décor is basically
neutrals with blues and browns.
They fit in beautifully
I love them this way....

The basket is filled with pumpkins, pumpkins and some
more pumpkins
and then a little potpourri with mini pumpkins.
The large pumpkin is a dollar tree pumpkin that is
mod podged with paper pages and then faux flowers and leaves
glued to the top.
You can read more about that here.
There are two small pumpkins that I painted with metallic paints
a beaded pumpkin that I have had for years.
The blue bird is one of my favorite things
shows up all over the house
mostly in places where I can see her all day.
She just simply brings a smile  when I look at her.

This is another little vignette that is full of texture.
The flowers are faux with weeds/grasses and leaves.
I simply wrapped some burlap around the vase and tied it with twine.
Then I just stuck a little leaf in under the twine.

The pumpkin here is made from a paper back book.
These are simple to make.
I made this one last year - they are quite simple to do.
I did not write the directions on how to do this but,
if you want them just let me know and I can write up a quick
tutorial on them.
I glued a stick in the center as a stem
tied a bit of burlap around it.
Isn't that owl the cutest thing ever....
I got him at Michael's last week.
 He is made of all kinds of twigs, twine and naturals.
Just couldn't pass this cute little guy up
he really adds to this little vignette.

To me, fall is all about texture  -
and color.
It is the most vibrant season we have
mixing the cozy snugly textures with all the naturals
that can be found
is always a winner in my book.

Do you use lots of texture and mix up the colors of fall
with your normal décor.
Or do you use more neutral colors and less texture?
Either is right...
there are no rules....
It's simply what speaks to you and what you love....

Until next time have a great day
go out there and create something you love....

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