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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Painted Pillows

Good morning everyone,

Imagine the surprise I had this morning when I logged on
to this blog
the Painted Pillows post was
(missing in action),
gone, vanished, no where to be found...
So, what did I do ?
I panicked...
this post was linked to several parties out there
now what?
Well, I am rewriting the post
then I have to try to mend the links
what a fun day this will be....
on to the Painted Pillows...

I had been seeing all over blog land how people were
painting on drop clothes to make
various items
I had been wanting to try it
my granddaughters and I decided to go for it....

They love playing with crafty projects...
this one is super simple ...

First I cut some pillow tops from the drop cloth
(I get mine at Lowe's and wash them before I use them)
I cut tops in 16"x16" and 11"x16".
Then I ironed them so they were as smooth as possible to paint on.
Next, you must decide what
you want to paint on them
whether you are going to use
a stencil, a stamp, or freehand it...
Then, select your paint...
We used craft paint, house paint, paint pens and sharpies..
They all work quite well,
go on smoothly
do not bleed....
( Now if you are using a different fabric - I would test a small piece
for bleeding before I started on the main piece.
I would also probably
mix a little fabric medium - found in the craft paint section of any craft store
to make the paint a little more pliable and softer...)

I chose this beachy stencil with little sail boats
in a row....
I placed a piece of painters tape down to make a straight line
to follow ....
This is where I placed the bottom edge of the boats to stencil.

Then I just taped the stencil in place at the top
to hold it steady
began to dab paint onto the stenciled areas
with a paint brush...
Very simple - goes on nicely...

To progress in a row I just moved the stencil
down and retaped it lining it up with the painters tape
the last boats stenciled.
A lot of stencils have little dots to line up but these do not
an "eye-balling" is called for here...

Then I added some little yellow stars between the boats.
I outlined each star with a sharpie
highlighted each sail with white craft paint...
All that's left is letting it dry,
sewing and stuffing

You have this sweet little beachy pillow
to place on your
new beachy bedding...
Love it...
So simple, so cute and just what I was wanting...

That's it for today
I now have to try to go patch up my links
wish me luck...

get out there and create something you love.....

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  1. Cathy, I love your pillow. So cute. Thanks for sharing it and your instructions. Have a lovely day! Love,Wanda

  2. love the pillows looks easy enough so that I can do it. Checking out from thrifty thursday lorraine at

    1. Thank you so much - they are quite easy to do and fun... thanks for stopping by....

  3. Very sweet and a great idea! I love blue and white and beach/lake items so this caught my eye right away.

    1. Thank you so much - blue is my favorite color also and up against white - there is nothing like it... thanks for stopping by....

  4. Okay painted pillows?!!! I LOVE this idea!!! Thank you for sharing and linking up to Thrifty Thursday! Those pillows look so cute and I am going to have to do this to a few of mine! :)

    1. My hubby says I will paint anything that doesn't move, lol... I must admit I was a little hmmm about it but, I love them and they are so simple....

  5. The pillows are so pretty. I am now following your blog via GFC and Bloglovin'

    1. Thank you Danice. I really like them a lot and thank you for following...

  6. This is a beautiful and quite elegant pillow!
    Terrific job

  7. I love this project! I'm going to pin it for after our move. Thanks so much for linking to the Get Inspired Link Up :)

  8. oh this is super cute, love the beachy sailboat theme!

  9. Those are adorable! What a fun project. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing at Best of the Weekend! Pinning to our party board. Enjoy a happy weekend and please join us next Friday.

  10. Cute pillows! I love the sailboats, but then again, as a navy wife, I love all things nautical! :-)

    Navy Wifey Peters @ <a href=">Submarine Sunday Link Party</a>

  11. So cute, Cathy! What a fun way to spend time with your granddaughters too. I'm sure they love coming to hang out with you! Thanks so much for sharing! XO