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Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Christmas Tree for 2013

Written by: Cathy Carroll;  Vintage, Paint and more....

 I have been putting off doing this post because
it has been a pain trying to photograph this tree.
The only really good place to put our tree is
in front of two windows.
In the morning it is light but, not really light enough because
they are on the shady side of the house.
in the afternoon the sun glares through them so
no photography at that time.
This is really the best picture I could get with
my little point and shoot camera. 

As with the mantel this year I decided to keep
our color scheme neutral.
I love the tree and it is quite pretty
the fam (again) would rather have the bright
colors of Christmas.
I used all gold, white and brown..

Starting at the top
I used some faux flowers and stems to give it more interest and
lots of texture. 
I also stuck some gypsum throughout the limbs
of the entire tree to give it more fullness.

You can see a little more detail here. 
 Our favorite little gold bird is perched amongst the stems
in the top.
He looks as though he is watching over the rest of the tree
sitting up there.

The garland is burlap ribbon and gold glittered tulle.
Then a string of pearls.

The ornaments are handmade -
some by me some by friends and family.
This one is a clear ball with pot pourri and a gold wire ribbon.

This one is metallic gold paint swirled around
inside a clear ball.

Then there are the purchased glitzy white ones
we all love so much.

And, our primitive ones.
These are but a few.
A large amount are still in the boxes in storage
they didn't make the white, gold or clear list.
Next year they will be back in all their glory.

Surrounding the base is the new tree skirt I made.
It is a sewn one made of ....
you guessed it- drop cloth fabric and a sheet.
I just can't tear myself away from these two old favorites.
I added a bit of gold cording at the top of the rows of pleats to give
it a little glitz.
Gotta' have that glitz....

I love this tree - I think all Christmas trees are magical
at night it just sparkles with all it's lights and glitter
looking as though it just came from fairy land.

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Until next time
have a great day and get out there and create
something you love.....

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  1. Beautiful Christmas Tree. Stop by and see my tree.

  2. Your tree looks so pretty and I love the beautiful skirt you made for it too!

  3. Well, let's just say that you did a better job photographing your tree than I did. Like you said, it's impossible at certain times of the day because of the sun coming in. You did a great job. It's beautiful. Linda

  4. Oh my, it is truly beautiful and your tree skirt is gorgeous too. I think your pics turned out beautifully. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  5. I think your tree is spectacularly beautiful and I wouldn't add a thing! I want that pearl garland :) I know some folks loves every color of the rainbow trees. Could you set up a second tree that your multi-color loving family could decorate to their hearts' content and let this perfectly angelic tree alone? There is nothing that sparkles quite like white, crystal, silver and gold - and those pearls, too. Gotta have pearls :) GORGEOUS!

  6. Your tree is beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x