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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Multigeneration Family - Meet the Cast

This is part of series- of what length I do not know.
It will be a collection of stories, pictures and documentaries
on how we live together as a 
Blended Multigenerational family.
Good morning folks...How is your day going?
It's lovely here at the beach today
Only high 60's with bright sun and ocean breezes
We have the windows open and I am enjoying this break in the temp finally.
Last week I introduced you to the fact that we are a
Blended Multigenerational Family
living in the same house.
Today, I am going to introduce you to the cast of characters
as time passes you will see that we are just that -
This is the crowd sans Z (as she is working).
It's hard to get us all in one photo.
We do almost everything together but,
for all of us to stop and pose together practically
takes an act of Congress...
(This is at the beach during a spring trip home for C.)
So, without further ado
 I am going to introduce you to each of us individually...
This is me...
(and Miss A)
Wife, Mother, and Grandmother of this little group
Writer of this blog, DIYer and doer of all things
crafty and domestic here...
This is Papa -
my sidekick, best friend, love of my life and
chief cook and supervisor of all....
This is Z and T.
T is our youngest son.
The four youngest here call him Dad.
He is my partner in building new and restoring old
furniture and pieces we find.
He is quite creative and comes up with some really
awesome ideas to do...
Z is T's wife and Mama to Miss A.
She was born in Puerto Rico
brings a wonderful Spanish heritage to our family.
This is big C
who you will only see or hear of rarely.
Big C is now 21 and living in the Midwest
going to school, working and making his way
in this big world.
He does come home to visit once or twice a year
when he does it's a big hoopla affair for us.
We are hoping when he finishes school he makes the beach his home.
These are our girls.
The oldest ( on the right ) is Sissy.
She is 16 and so mature for her age.
She makes awesome grades, plays volleyball,
 bakes delicious cakes for us.
The second oldest (on the left) is Mimi.
She will be 16 tomorrow.
(They will both be 16 for one month
which Sissy hates)
Mimi is very artistic, loves life and lives it out loud
and plays volleyball also.
These two live here on the weekends and holidays
and any time that can....
as they live with their mother during the week.
Moving on to the littlest....
Miss A....
What can we say about Miss A...
She lives here full time.
She is 8 now and busy doing what 8 year olds do...
Soccer, swimming, playing
wrapping her Papa around her little finger.
And that's our little family.
This was just taken this weekend on a hiking trip in the mountains
to celebrate Mimi's birthday.
It rained all day but, they had such fun.
So, now you have met our characters...
and see how we fit together.
You will be hearing more about them in the future...
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love to get them.
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Have a great day
get out there and create something you love.....
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  1. I loved reading this Cathy!! It was great to see your grandkids and your son and his wife. Looking forward to reading your future updates. Love ya,

  2. It was great to "meet" your beautiful family, Cathy!