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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mod Podge Vases

Written by: Cathy Carroll; Vintage, Paint and more...

A few weeks ago I went to the thrift shop to purchase some glassware
for several projects I had in mind to do.

You may remember that lot I brought home.
A lot of clear glassware.
Nothing spectacular but I had several ideas bumping around
in my head that I wanted to try.

So far I have shown you the following
These turned out much better than I dreamed they would.
I love the awesome ombre effect they make
 and have used them a lot already.

Then I showed you this sweet little cloche
Oh my, how I love this little darling...
I had been wanting one for so long
I actually found another dome and made another one very similar to this one.
Now I have not one but, two of these little guys.

We are left with just these bad boys from that lot....
I have been wanting to try a technique I had been told about.
Mod podge and food coloring.
I had done the Elmer's glue and food coloring to get this effect

but, the problem with this is - it washes off with water.
A reader told me to try mod podge and food coloring and it wouldn't do that....

I poured some mod podge in a paper cup and then just added
food coloring - one drop at a time till I
got a color I liked.
(forgive the pics - taken while working - not great)

Then I just painted it on.
These are in different stages of drying and are quite cloudy during this process.
You can tell the one on the right is farther along in the drying process
 than the other two
as it is becoming quite clear in patches.

Here they are all dry and looking quite pretty.
I love them especially the one on the left.
I love how the detail of the flutes really stand out now.

These are definitely finding a spot in our home and will add
to our decor.
Can't you just imagine them with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.

I love how a miss matched lot of clear glassware can
turn out so many pretty projects

What do you think - $6.00 for the glassware,
a little dab of paint I had on hand,
a very small amount of time
you can have all this....
I love how we can repurpose discarded items into
lovely pieces to use in our homes.

Have a wonderful day
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  1. Love the color you chose for the vases. I am a Mod Podge demon but have never tried this effect with it. Does it last?

  2. These look great. I've always wanted to colour my glass but I just didn't know how. I'm pinning this so that I can use it later. Thanks Cathy.

  3. Cathy, these are beautiful! I just can't believe you did that with Mod Podge and food coloring. I can't wait to try it! I hopped over here from the linky party at The Charm of Home. Glad to have found your post!

    - Tasha @ Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body (

  4. Stopping by from #foodiescraftiessoiree I keep saying I'm going to do this. Maybe one day...

  5. Wow, Cathy! These are beautiful! I'll have to try this :)

  6. Cathy you really made some gorgeous glass ware with your thrifty finds! Thanks for sharing your ideas and techniques with us at TTF!

  7. They are really beautiful! I love the blue color, it is so nice and bright! Pinning!

    Thanks for sharing at Foodies & Crafties Soirée!
    Gosia | Kiddie Foodies

  8. Oooh I have been saving up vases I find a thrift stores and garage sales. I can't wait to try this! I'd love it if you shared it on our link party.

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  11. Cathy, I love the way the vases turned out. The shade of blue you made is so beautiful and adds such a delicate touch. This is such a fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing and for linking up to Thrifty Thursday.

  12. What a gerat idea...they all looks so nice...Thank you for sharing at One More Time Events....Tammy

  13. Wow, they really turned out nicely. I had not heard of the Modge Podge and food coloring technique. Love the fluted one also. Who would have guessed that's how you created it? Thanks for sharing this with SYC.

  14. Your vases turned out beautifully! That has got to be my favorite shade of blue!

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  16. Wow- what a fabulous tutorial and idea. I love how they turned out... so pretty. I had no idea you could do that with mod podge and food colouring- pinning it!!

  17. Wow!

    I have a bunch of clear vases, the kind you get when flowers are delivered to your house. I think I want to try this technique.

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  19. Cathy these are beautiful! So with the mod podge does it not wash off? I wonder how this would do in ornaments or would be too hard to paint inside. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays! x

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  21. These turned out so well. Aren't you constantly amazed by the versatility of Mod Podge? Thanks so much for linking up to Link It or Lump It this week :)

  22. Wow, that looks so easy and the results are beautiful!

  23. These turned out really nice and can't believe you can do this with Mod Podge.

    We're featuring your vases on BeBetsy at the BRAG ABOUT IT No. 30. Congrats!

    Thanks for linking up with us.
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  24. Hello Cathy, this looks marvelous - I am quite intrigued - and will give this a try. I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,