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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Page Wreath Tutorial

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Last year I made a rather large book page wreath to hang over our mantel.  Today I am going to share the tutorial of how to make this simple wreath from an old book.

Vintage, Paint and more... how to make a wreath using pages from an old book


I am a lover of old books and words printed on almost anything so it was a given that I would fall in love with this book page wreath when I saw it on the internet.  I have had many requests for the instructions but alas, I have not been able to find the website I read it on.  So, today I am going to share my own tutorial for making this gorgeous wreath with all of you. But, beware this post is picture heavy so I could show you each step.
So, let's get to it....

Vintage, Paint and more... supplies to make a book page wreath - old book, stapler and glue gun

You will need:

- An old book preferably with some brown discolored aging
   going on - on the edges of the pages.- I used this old Reader's Digest Condensed Books Book given    to me.

- stapler
- glue gun and glue sticks
- about a 10" piece of twine
- a piece of foam core (I got mine at Dollar Tree)

Vintage, Paint and more... page from a book to use to make cones for book page wreath

First, tear about 75 pages out of your book.

Vintage, Paint andmore... how to roll a book page to make a cone for a book page wreath

Fold each page into a cone and staple at the bottom.

Vitnage, Paint and more... stapling the rolled cone to make a book page wreath.

When you are done you should have a bunch of cones like this.

Vintage, Paint and more... cones to make a book page wreath

Next, draw your base onto the foam core.  I used a 9" dinner plate for the large circle and a small bowl for the center.

Vintage, Paint and more... making the base from foam core for a book page wreath

Cut it out with an Exacto knife.  It doesn't have to be perfect - you will not see any of this when done.

Vintage, Paint and more... cut form from foam core for the base of a book page wreath

Take your piece of twine and tie it around your form for a hanger.  I tied it on both sides for stability.

Vintage, Paint and more... hanger for book page wreath made from twine

Now, we start the first row.  Using hot glue - glue your cones facing down onto the form.

Vintage, Paint and more... attaching the book page cones to the foam base to make a book page wreath

 This is actually the back of your wreath and will make sense as we proceed.

Vintage, Paint and more... partially completed first row of cones attached to base for a book page wreath

Continue gluing them all the way around the circle.

Vintage, Paint and more... - finished firt row of cones of a book page wreath

It will look like this when you finish this row.

Vintage, Paint and more... front view of base of book page wreath after first row of cones have been attached

Turn it over now so it looks like this and we will start the second row.  This back row helps cover the foam core and gives it some of its fullness.

Vintage, Paint and more... gluing second row of cones on the base for a book page wreath

The second row is glued on so that each cone is actually sitting in the little space made by two cone meeting on the back row.

Vintage, Paint and more...Second row of cones for a book page wreath completed

Keep gluing all around the form.  It will look like this when done.  Not too lovely but, getting there.

Vintage, Paint and more... attaching the third row of cones to a the base for a book page wreath

On the third row you continue to glue in the same manner as the last row.  However, place the cone so that it hangs over into the circle in the center.  This will give you the shape of the wreath.

Vintage, Paint and more... tabs from third row cones to be glued to back of base for a book page wreath

The tabs that are hanging over into the circle will be folded over and glued down on the back as above.

Vintage, Paint and more... gluing the third row tabs to the back of the base of a book page wreath

The back will look like this when you are done with row three.

Vintage, Paint and more... Gluing the 4th row of book page cones to the book page wreath

For the last row glue the back of the cone and then place it on the cones in the previous row.

Vintage, Paint and more... position of 4th row cones for a book page wreath

  Just attach it to the cones.  You will have a longer tab in the circle this time.

Book Page Wreath Tutorial - continuing last row placement

You can see here I have two in this row right now just continue around the circle placing them in this manner.

Vintage, Paint and more... gluing the tabs of the cones in the 4th row to the base of a book page wreath tutorial

Again on the back side of the wreath - fold the tabs of the cones back and glue in place.

Vintage, Paint and more... backside of book page wreath after gluing last row down

The back will look like this. Very neat with every tab glued down so they do not show from the front.

Vintage, Paint and more... finished book page wreath

The front will look like this.  ( For some reason the sun shining in makes it look pinkish in this picture)  This is much smaller than the first one I made.

Book Page Wreath Tutorial - finished large size wreath

The first one I made had seven rows of cones.
Here it is over our mantel last Christmas.  It is large and makes quite a statement all on its own....

Vintage, Paint and more... book page wreath displayed in a fall vignette

I made this one smaller as it is headed to the church for an auction this weekend and most people do not have a space for a large one like the first one.  This one is the size of a regular wreath I actually made two of these in one afternoon.  They are so easy and take very little time.  So what do you think?  Think you may try your own?

Vintage, Paint and more... a wreath made from pages of an old discarded book

Until next time have a great day and create something you love....

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